Famous hats, caps or topies used in Pakistan

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In this origin where Pakistan exists, a large number of peoples are living with their own traditions. Hat or cap has a special importance in the Islam and Muslims. Due to Muslim communities all parts of Pakistan give importance to it. Although the trend of wearing a hat or cap is decreasing day by day but still there is a large number of peoples who use it. Few use it permanently while others use it occasionally. Weather, traditions and urban or rural area could be some other factors of it. In Urdu language it is called as “Topi”.

Few famous and most used hats, caps or topies in Pakistan are as under:

Cap of Prayers:

Like few other religions Islam also asks Muslims to cover their heads before entering in the Mosques or other religious places. All types of caps could be used for this purpose but a white color net shaped cap is most famous. Most of the peoples wear it when they offer the prayers but there are few peoples or wear it permanently. These caps are also offered by the administration of the Mosques for the worshippers. Few Mosques has its plastic version with few different colors.

Afghani cap or Afghani Topi:

It is flat and plain cap which belongs to the Pashtuns of Afghanistan but in the Pakistani side there is a large number of Pashtuns who use to wear this Afghani Hat or Topi. There is no restriction on it so every Pakistani could wear this type of cap according to interest and will. It is a white color cap basically with a little bit of embroidery on it. Golden and white color of wires could be used on its decoration. It has the traditional status for this region.

Sindhi Cap or Sindhi Topi:

With the opened front and multi colors this is Sindhi cap or topi from the soils of Sindh province. It is a well decorated cap with many colors and mirrors on it. Everyone can use it and its front is open just to offer the prayers. This province contains few large deserts so all the colors of the deserts could be find in it.

Chitrali / Gilgiti cap or Chitrali topi:

This one belongs to the local area of the Chitral which contains the mountains. It is a cap which could be rolled and unrolled according to the usage. It is a very warm of soft cap. In Pakistan few old men use it on regular basis but it is common in the winter season. It made with the white and brown wool.

The province of Gilgit-Baltistan is the home of it where it is known as “Pakol”. It is also very famous in the northern areas of the country.

Karakul cap or Jinnah cap:

Due to its expensiveness this cap is used by the politicians, public figures are some religious personality. Karakul cap is also known as the Jinnah cap in Pakistan. The founder of Pakistan and father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah used this cap in his life. Now days we see on TV that Mr. Hamid Karzai the president of Afghanistan uses the same cap.

Pure wool of Karakul sheep is used in its preparation and that is the reason it is so expensive. These are typical mountain’s sheep. Fetus of the Karakul Sheep wool is in it. It is a famous cap in Pakistan and available in two types of soft and collapsible.

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