Famous Darwaza / Doors / Gates of old Lahore

Posted on Nov 18 2012 - 6:53am by visitpak

The history declares that there was a huge wall that covered the old city of Lahore from all sides. This city was surrounded by big walls and many doors. These doors were the entrance point of the city. In the British era the rulers reconstructed five of them in European style. They modified these walls and doors according to their requirements.

On the map of India the City of Lahore appeared in the Mughal Empire. This was an ancient city which was divided into 9 sectors in the age of King Akbar (3rd Mughal King). There are no walls available there in current times but the doors. All of those walls are demolished and disappeared from the soils.

 Here are the famous doors of Lahore:

  1. Delhi Darwaza (Door of Delhi)
  2. Bathi Darwaza (Bathi Door)
  3. Sheranwala Darwaza (Door of the Lions)
  4. Lohari Darwaza (Doors of blacksmiths)
  5. Roshnai Darwaza (Door of lights)
  6. Kashmiri Darwaza

Doors which are not present in current times:

  1. Akbari Darwaza
  2. Masti Darwaza
  3. Mori Darwaza
  4. Shah Almi Darwaza
  5. Taxila Darwaza
  6. Yakki Darwaza

Few of those gates are preserved in their original condition while few were rebuilt. These gates of Lahore gave the access to the Royal Palace and other Royal belongings. Delhi gate opens towards the city of Delhi that’s why it is called as Delhi gate. Bathi was a former legend and hero. Near to the Sheranwala Darwaza there were two cages of lions in the age of Ranjit Singh. This gate opens towards the river of Ravi so it is also known as Khidri door.

Internal city of Lahore was the original city of Lahore but in current times it is not in its real condition. The beauty of old city has been disappeared which was the recognitions of this area. Few peoples are trying to restore it but they are not getting some good result of their efforts. This historical city contained a huge wall around it with the 12 doors. Calligraphy and art work was put on the walls and doors of this city.

All four sides of city had beautiful gardens which are not present today. Once upon a time the old city of Lahore was a Heaven for the visitor but its current condition is not admirable now. There are still few remaining of some beautiful house (haveli) and gardens. Big markets and shopping plazas replace those structures now.

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