Explore Azad Kashmir from Loon Bagla to Mirpur – Jhelum pit

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One hour’s get from Loon Bagla is Soudhan Gali, for a peak connected with 2,200 meters distances (7,200) and comply with a ridge path as a result of this tree jungles in order to Ganga Chota, among the highs in the Pir Panjal selection using incredible panoramas around Murree towards western, your piles across the Vale connected with Azad Kashmir towards eastern side, your Himalaya in the Neelum pit towards to the north, as well as Pounch region to Southern side.

Following the major route in the Jhelum pit, your next small town soon after Saran your Hattian, in which a observe along the water qualified prospects to Reshian as well as spanning a 2,750 meters distances large (9,000 feet) traverse your Kafir Khan foothills into the Leepa pit.

Just after Hattian the street gets to Chenari after which it Chakothi, which often grades the start of your Jhelum overeat ultimately causing you’re Vale connected with Azad Kashmir as well as the forbidden “line connected with control”.

Yet another place connected with Azad Kashmir offering outstanding vistas, idyllic moves, as well as superb jungles is Pounch Area, and this can be attained if you take your Dhirkot route outside the Jhelum pit, past the sanatorium on Chamenkot.

The street dips straight down all over a nullah in order to Arja after which it continues right about in the Mahl pit in order to Bagh. A long your Mahlwani Kas route, to the north from Bagh, is Soudhan Gali of Azad Kashmir. Also you can check out your pit upstream in order to Dulli as well as the Haji Pir Pass.

In case, nevertheless, a person change correct on Arja along the Mahl water, you will clamber slowly in order to Rawalakot. Here you’ll be able to traverse your bazaar as well as get thirteen kms (8 miles) on the Hajira route in order to Kai Gala bazaar, exactly where there’s offroad observe to the north in order to Toli Pir which consists of outstanding natrual environment moves as well as landscapes in the Mahl pit as well as the Pir Panjal piles.

Southern region connected with Kai Gala is Banjosa, another slope location which has a luxurious remainder property and many okay alpine moves featuring beautiful scenery in the Pir Panjal as well as Indian-held Kashmir.

However enjoyable with spring, Azad Kashmir’s Kotli as well as Mirpur districts get little to offer in the form of vistas or exhilaration, apart from Mangla Dam, on the Jhelum, with Mirpur region. Next merely bigger in order to Tarbela, it had been a huge task connected with city executive of which developed a large tank many then connected with kms extended. Quickly attained from your Grand Truck Road on Dina, your dam would work for both equally boating as well as sport-fishing.

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