Examine the wonder associated with Gojal Valley of Hunza Valley

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Gojal (Burushaski: Hairbar), also called your high Hunza Valley, is definitely an region on the N. (north), involving Gilgit, within the excessive north involving Pakistan, near to the borders involving Tiongkok and also Afghanistan. It is the greatest Tehsil of the aspects of your N.

Gojal can be several small valleys and also substantial that they discuss borders along with Hunza Valley, within the Southerly, Tiongkok within the N. and the East, and also Afghanistan within the Northwest of the land. Shishkat would be the initial community involving Gojal. Apart from your Shimshal, Misgar and also Chipursan valleys, each of the individuals involving Gojal can be seen from the street of the Karakoram (KKH), which often crosses Gojal, getting into Tiongkok for the Khunjerab complete.


People involving Gojal can be approximately 20, 000. The actual majorities articulates your Wakhi dialect, while the Burushaski Domaakí different languages, which is verbal in certain towns. Men and women are part of your Ismaili sect involving Shia-Islam. Immigrants in order to Gojal arose in your Wakhan within Afghanistan, elements of Tiongkok (such as Ruskum), Tashkurgan and the Hunza Valley.

In the past, the folks ended up shepherds and/or small-scale Maqui berry farmers. Over time, services market sectors have taken your guide and also the majority of people have become working at your governmental and also non-governmental businesses. A substantial amount of local people can also be active in the business.

Literacy charges are very high in your neighborhood. The actual BBC claimed which Passu, a community of the KKH, your literacy pace got a 100% within 1998. Occupants involving rural valleys like Chipursan (in your Wakhan, Afghanistan border) and also Shimshal (bordering China) have universities.

Shimshal Valley:

Shimshal Valley is often a very lovely and also calm valley within Gilgit-Baltistan, which can be found on the edge involving Pak and Tiongkok 3100mt top from the ocean level. Wherever are more when compared with 200 people actively playing an engaged role within the progress of those that live in your Valley? This attractive and also lovely location can be famous because of its historic custom made, culture, simply comprehensive glaciers along with a wide snow-covered and the vibrant highs worldwide. So come and visit the beautiful Hunza Valley.

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