Emirates will offer connection between Dubai to Sialkot Airport

Posted on Oct 1 2013 - 9:46am by visitpak

Emirates is a major airline that has announced a series of new routes that will affect different countries and among them it is worth emphasising to Pakistan, that despite being going through a complete situation this company is interested to have a route between Dubai and the city of Sialkot (سیالکوٹ), which become henceforth in an interesting place so that tourists from UAE have the possibility of knowing with confidence to starting from now.

It will be a route that can be opened throughout the month of November, in particular just announce that opens the 5th of this month and will therefore be a good option for tourists who need to take a flight to this city. Always have a good connectivity is something important and much more when the image at international level is not very good, as it is the case with Pakistan and its low level of security, which is one of the issues to take into account when making a trip.

In addition to Pakistan from Emirates also announced a series of additional routes as places like Ukraine, Guinea Conakry, Philippines, among other places, so that it is clear that the expansion of this airline is really important and intend to continue to open new routes to facilitate that tourists could reach up to United Arab Emirates from many other countries. They will be a series of interesting routes for passengers to offer new proposals. This truly is a great news for the citizens of Sialkot city.

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