Dhoke Syedan Rawalpindi details and guide

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Dhoke Syedan Rawalpindi is an old and congested place of this city. Dhoke is a Punjabi language word which means a village or town while Syed is a Muslim cast. They are the 2nd largest religious group in Pakistan after Sunnis. So the meaning of Dhoke Syedan is “town of Sadaat”. A large number of Syed (سید) families do live here from many years. Sadaat (سادات) are the old resident of this area so this place is called as Dhoke Syedan Rawalpindi.

Today we are going to focus on the Dhoke Syedan Chowk Rawalpindi. Chowk is a square where different roads meet or merge in each other. Same thing happened in the case of this Chowk. It is a junction of Abid Majeed Road, Girja (گرجا) Road and the Dhoke Syedan (ڈھوک سیداں) Road. Abid Majeed (عابد مجید) Road is coming from Saddar (صدر) and Railway station while Girja Road is coming from the Thalian and Girja village. On the other hands Dhoke Syedan road starts from the Kalma Chowk (کلمہ چوک) (old Bakra Mandi Chowk) and ends at the Misrial Chowk (مصریال چوک).

The Dhoke Syedan Rawalpindi is not so far from the central point of Rawalpindi’s GPO and the city Railway Station. Dhoke Syedan to Misrial road is a newly constructed road and it is serving many peoples and vehicle on regular basis. This Chowk is a commercial point and you could find all types of shops like bakeries, meat, shoes, crockery, medicines, books, mobiles, photo state, hosiery and hotels etc. On the way from this point to Tench Bhatta (ٹینچ بھاٹا ) you will find many mechanical and auto workshops on your way. Imam Bargah Qasr-e-Abi Talib and Qasr-e-Shabir are also situated near to this point.

A CNG gas station, Shell fuel pump, Mosques and Allied Bank Dhoke Syedan branch is also found in its territory. Local transport is also available from this point to Saddar and towards rural area of Girja. Suzuki pickup along the auto Rickshaws are available here for your convenience.

Local Transport routes from Dhoke Syedan Rawalpindi:

  • Barf Khana to Saddar
  • Dhoke Syedan to Saddar via Tench Bhatta
  • Dhoke Syedan to Saddar (Direct)
  • Dhoke Syedan to Saddar via Bakra Mandi (Kalma Chowk)
  • Auto Rickshaw route is from Dhoke Syedan to Misrial Chowk
  • Dhoke Syedan to Girja Village

Adjacent residential areas of Dhoke Syedan Rawalpindi:

  • Kamal Abad (کمال آباد)
  • Ghazi Abad (غازی آباد)
  • Chaman Abad چمن آباد)
  • Bismillah Abad (بسم اللہ آباد)
  • Mohri Ghazan (موہری غزن)
  • Safdar Abad (صفدر آباد)
  • Chak Jalal Din (چک جلال دین)
  • Peoples Colony (Allama Iqbal Colony)
  • Barf Khana (برف خانہ)
  • Niazi Town (نیازی ٹاؤن)
  • Misrial Village (مصریال گاؤں)
  • Christen colony
  • Raza Manzal (رضا منزل)
  • Multani Mohala (ملتانی محلہ)
  • Muslim Abad (مسلم آباد)
  • Quaid Abad (قائد آباد)
  • Mohala Hajian (محلہ حاجیاں)

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