Details of Daewoo Express Nowshera terminal with its contact number

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City description

Nowshera is one of the largest cities of the province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and lies on the GT Road, 27 miles east of Peshwar. It is notable for its colonial era cantonment and is home to the Pakistan Army School of Artillery, School of ASC, ASC centre, Armour centre and school of Armour.

The main language is Pashto by Jandali and Majhi dialects of Punjabi language. The major tribe is Khattak making up 65% of the population of the District. Other tribes include the Babars, Yousafzais, Muhammadzais, Parachas, Awan, Kakakhels and Manki Khel.

Daewoo Express Service in Nowshera:

Daewoo Express service was launched in Nowshera on 15th of November 2002 and Lahore was the first documented operational route.

Daewoo Express Nowshera terminal:

Daewoo Express Nowshera terminal is recognised as a sub-terminal of Peshawar, located at Army Welfare shop, near CMH (Combined Military Hospital), the Mall Cantt. It offers all the same facilities as main terminal for the convenience of passengers including:

  • Telephonic and ticketing reservations
  • Spacious parking area with easy entrance and exit facilities
  • Cargo booking and delivery office
  • Passenger lounge offering a pleasant and comfortable environment
  • Prayer area
  • Telephone booth
  • Tuck shop serving all type f snacks and drinks at reasonable price

Cargo service:

Daewoo Express Nowshera terminal is making a valuable contribution in supporting the business opportunities and meeting social needs of local businessmen, by providing a trustworthy and efficient delivery services to all major cities of Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Daewoo Bus service route operations:

The following destinations are all available to / from Daewoo Express Nowshera terminal, for your convenience:

Sr. No.


Travel-Time (HH:MM)


Abbotabad 02:30
2 Faisalabad



Gujranwala 05:15
4 Jhang



Lahore 05:45
6 Multan



Peshawar 00:40
8 Rawalpindi






  • This kind of sub-terminal is available by way of:
  • Local vehicle
  • Vehicle Rakshaw
  • Rent-a-car

Address and also contact number:

The address and contact number of Nowshera terminal is as under,

Army Welfare Shop, Near CMH, the Mall Cantt.

Contact Number: 0923-611190-92

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