Detail guide of Murree Road Rawalpindi with famous Chowks and places

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Murree Road Rawalpindi and the Mall Road are two busiest roads of the city. Murree Road starts from the TNT Chowk, in front of Army Headquarter. At this spot you could find few famous places of the city which are, Rawalpindi Cricket Ground, St. Pauls Church and Flashman’s hotel. This road leads you towards the hills of Murree and ends at the GPO Chowk Murree. A long part of it passes through the Capital city Islamabad but this land of Murree Road Islamabad belongs to the property of Punjab Government.

Come back to the Murree Road Rawalpindi, it is a very busy road with allot of commercial activities. Both local transport and the private vehicles and bikes could use this road as this road is open for the general public. It gets so many crowds on the school and office timings. It is an old Road and the main road of city that’s why a huge number of peoples live and with commercial activities.

Benazir Bhutto Road (بے نظیر بھٹو روڈ) is a new name given to this road after the martyr of Benazir Bhutto. She was the Prime Minister of the country and served for many years. You could find the Benazir Bhutto Hospital on the same road near to Chandni Chowk (چاندنی چوک).

Currently there are two flyovers and one underpass could be seen on the Murree Road Rawalpindi. First flyover was made on the Chandni Chowk while the 2nd one is on the 6th Road. The only underpass of the city is situated at the Committee Chowk Rawalpindi. Faizabad(فیض آباد) is the last point of this road that belongs to the Rawalpindi city, Islamabad comes next to it.

A huge number of link roads and the service roads connect the Murree Road to the residential and commercial areas. There are electronic markets, furniture shops, Goldsmiths, toy shops, fuel pumps, sweet shops and the medicines shops on the both side of Murree Road Rawalpindi.

It is a connecting road of Islamabad so it helps those people who live in Rawalpindi but work in Islamabad. A large number of school, colleges and a university are also situated on this road. Here you could find two major parks of the city, Liaqat Bagh Park (لیاقت باغ پارک) and the Nawaz Sharif Park. Both Liaqat Ali Khan and Mian Nawaz Sharif were the Prime Minster of the country.

Here is the list of main Chowks which are situated near or on the Murree Road Rawalpindi:

  • Rialto Chowk (ریالٹو چوک)
  • Liaqat Bagh Chowk (لیاقت باغ چوک)
  • Committee Chowk (کمیٹی چوک)
  • Kohati Bazaar Chowk (کوہاٹی بازار چوک)
  • Naz Cinema Chowk (ناز سینما چوک)
  • Banni Chowk (بنی چوک)
  • Sir Syed Chowk (سر سید چوک)
  • Fouji Tower (فوجی ٹاور)
  • Grassy Lane (گریسی لین)
  • Hameed Khan Chowk (حمید خان چوک)
  • Glass Factory Chowk (گلاس فیکٹری چوک)

Important places and Roads of Murree Road Rawalpindi:

  • Rawalpindi Cricket Ground (راولپنڈی کرکٹ گراونڈ)
  • Army Hockey Stadium
  • St. Pauls Church
  • Flashman’s Hotel
  • Haider Road (حیدر روڈ)
  • Bank Road
  • Chenone
  • Metro Shoes
  • K&N Chickens
  • KFC Rawalpindi
  • Sadi Road (سعدی روڈ)
  • Health Ways Hospital
  • Lodhi Road (لودھی روڈ)
  • Kashmir Road (کشمیر روڈ)
  • Rashid Minhas Road (راشد منہاس روڈ)
  • Marir Chowk (مریڑھ چوک)
  • Jang Plaza Building (جنگ پلازہ)
  • Shamo Ji Carpets Shop (شامو جی )
  • Rawalpindi Medical College
  • Taimur Road (تیمور روڈ)
  • Tipu Road (ٹیپو روڈ)
  • Moti Mahal Theatre Hall (موتی محل)
  • Press Club Rawalpindi
  • Liaqat Bagh (لیاقت باغ)
  • St. Mary’s School Rawalpindi
  • Government College for Girls Murree Road Rawalpindi
  • Dhoke Elahi Buksh (ڈھوک الہی بخش)
  • Naya Mohalla (نیا محلہ)
  • Millat Colony (ملت کالونی)
  • Mohalla Amer Pura (محلہ امر پورہ)
  • Mohalla Mitar Pura (محلہ متر پورو)
  • Iqbal Road Market (اقبال مارکیٹ)
  • Fresco Sweets
  • Qasr-e-Shireen (قصر شیریں)
  • Bhabra Bazaar (بھابڑہ بازار)
  • Circular Road
  • Sarafa Bazaar Rawalpindi (صرافہ بازار راولپنڈی)
  • Waris Khan Stop (وارث خان اسٹاپ)
  • Kohati Bazaar (کوہاٹی بازار)
  • Asghar Mall Road (اصغر مال روڈ)
  • Benazir Bhutto Hospital / General Hospital
  • 4th-B Road Satellite Town
  • C Block Satellite Town
  • Khana Road (کھنہ روڈ)
  • 5th Road Satellite Town
  • Dhoke Munshi Khan (ڈھوک منشی خان)
  • Rahmanabad Stop (رحمان آباد اسٹاپ)
  • Midway Shopping Mall
  • Gulf Centre
  • Rabi Centre (رابی سینٹر)
  • Sufi Bakers (صوفی بیکرز)
  • Dhoke Paracha (ڈھوک پراچہ)
  • Dhoke Kashmirian (ڈھوک کشمیریاں)
  • Data Ganj Buksh Road (داتا گنج بخش روڈ)
  • Bilal Colony (بلال کالونی)
  • Nawaz Sharif Park (نواز شریف پارک)
  • Stadium Road
  • Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium
  • Arid Agricultural University
  • Double Road
  • Shamsabad Bus Stop (شمس آباد بس اسٹاپ)
  • Dhoke Kala Khan (ڈھوک کالا خان)
  • Survey of Pakistan
  • Gulistan-e-Jinnah Colony (گلستان جناح کالونی)
  • Skyways
  • Faizabad (فیض آباد)


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