Comparison of Pakistan and dream countries of Pakistanis

Posted on Jan 14 2014 - 7:32am by visitpak

Courtesy: Our reader who shared this beautiful article

A big percentage of Pakistani doesn’t believe in Pakistan for their prosperous future. This is a common belief that if one wants to lead a happy life, going abroad is the best possible solution for it. This perception is common among the people, who have never been to any other country. In search of this so-called prosperous life a big proportion of great minds are serving other countries rather than being a helping hand in the prosperity of their own country which produced their great minds and has the potential to furnish them with prosperous life. The numbers of Pakistanis in different assumed dream countries are as follows:

1.5 million In Saudi Arabia

1.2 million In UAE,

1.1 million In UK,

0.5 Million in USA,

0.12 In Canada and so on,

Pakistan is the best country in comparison with many dream countries of Pakistanis. Many people believe that their life will be completely changed if they will leave Pakistan and will shift to a European or Western country. Here l would like to share an example. My friend Phillip lives in Wyoming, USA. His family comprises of 2 brothers, 2 sisters and their parents. Phillip was studying at my university i.e. University of Wyoming. His younger brother, Morgan was in grade 10. Sophie, his younger sister, was in grade 6 and his elder sister wasn’t going to school any more. The whole family has a budget of $5000 per month. See how they used to gather this money. Morgan was working with a landlord illegally because he wasn’t at age to work. Elder sister was working on a cattle farm while she was also helping her mother who was working at an “Old House”. Nearly each family member was working to fulfil their needs.

the pakistani labour

Another American friend of mine was graduated in Botany and she got the job to take care of dogs and cats of a family living out of town for some reason. Sad news is that the majority of the women are divorced in the USA. So America should not be taken as heaven as most of Pakistanis do.

Let’s talk about other supposed heavens. While I was in Chicago to attend a conference, I met a French guy there. He was from Paris and was a writer. I asked if he came alone to enjoy US. He said, “I am not married”. S0 I asked about his parents. It was a sad question and I should not have asked that. He replied I don’t live with my parents as my mother lives with her husband and my father lives with his wife. They were separated years ago. In my acquaintances, many of my friends’ parents were separated. Just think the psychological effects of this on children there. We are lucky that our parents always compromise for their children.

Now come to the Arabian countries. Most of the people leave everything in Pakistan thinking that UAE or Arabia will change their life. But it is very sad to say that they are treated brutally there. They are always on the stake of their “Kafeel” there. Arabs are arrogant towards workers and they throw Pakistanis out of their states whenever they want. Homesickness is on its peak and workers are mentally disturbed all the time as they miss all the events of life when they should be with their families.

In a Political Science class, the teacher asked students to present their country in class. S0, students from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Australia, Italy, Canada, USA, China, Philippine, El Salvador, Bulgaria, Honduras presented their country. Each country’s economy, religion, governmental structure, policies, satisfaction of people was discussed. We also presented Pakistan and I can proudly say that we are in a very good condition comparatively. We are more intelligent, more religious, more hospitable and more practical than them. Only the thing we lag is honesty. If USA is enjoying leading role in technology, it‘s not their brains, it’s their hard work and honesty. If you enter a public office, the clerks will ask themselves if you need their help and they feel proud serving someone.

Pakistan itself is the best land to live. It’s a land of opportunities. One can get the best out of it. If Pakistanis put a few of the efforts they put in other countries, they can find everything in this very land. Long Live Pakistan!