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Commercial Market Rawalpindi:

This is a big shopping mall of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The citizens of Capital city have the super market, Jinnah Supper and Karachi Company but most of those people prefer to do shopping from the commercial market Rawalpindi. It is due to price and quality factor. In Islamabad the prices of the same commodities are little higher as compare to this market so the peoples of Capital prefer it over their own shopping malls.

The commercial market Rawalpindi is situated in the well established area of satellite town. 4th B road and the 5th road lead you towards this place and it is situated in between the B-Block and D-Block of satellite town Rawalpindi. As I told you earlier that this shopping mall is one of the busiest places in Rawalpindi, due to this reason there is allot of business activities on daily basis.

Along with the business this place is famous due to some big educational and technical institutes. So on the other hand we see allot of educational activities over this place. Students from all of the city and adjacent areas come here on regular basis to get the knowledge.

Commercial market Rawalpindi map:

Well this place is a common one in Rawalpindi city and almost each and everyone knows it very well. In the case you are new in the city and want to approach to this place, I will guide you for that. You need to use two main roads to approach here if you are coming from Islamabad or Rawalpindi.

  • The first road is the Murree Road and the 2nd is Said Pur Road, which will lead you towards this shopping mall. If you are coming from Islamabad via Murree Road, than you need to take right turn from the 6th Road towards Sidiqui Chowk. Here you need to take first left turn from the first roundabout of 6th Road Rawalpindi; it will lead you towards this market.
  • From the same road if  you do not take left turn from 6th road than keep going on straight and take a U-turn from Chandni Chowk and then take left from old Rehman Abad Chowk. This was a proper Chowk before the completion of 6th road fly over. At this place you will find some restaurants at the left side. Rabi Centre and Gulf Centre are few famous shopping malls which are situated near to this point. You will find some shops, banks, Chaman ice-cream and the NADRA office at this road. The office of fire brigade also could be found nearby.
  • If you do not take U-turn from Chandni Chowk than you still have another option to take right turn from Chandni Chowk. On this way you will be on 4th B road of satellite town and it will also lead you towards commercial market Rawalpindi. You will enter from Maki Masjid (Mosque) point into this market. You will find few hotels, medical stores, KFC, d-Carte and the franchises of Ufone and Telenor on your way. Peoples, who are approaching this place from old Rawalpindi side, normally use the same way for entrance.
  • Said Pur Road is another option for the travellers of Capital city to approach this commercial market Rawalpindi. If you want to use this route than you need to take left turn from IJP road at the point of Pindora. It is also the entrance and starting point of Said Pur Road of Rawalpindi. This is a two way road which ends at the point of Asghar Mall and Banni Chowk.
  • Let’s come back to the point by using this Said Pur road you need to pass the Siddiqui Chowk. It will be your first Chowk where you will find the electronic signals. Very next to it is the Haidri Chowk where you will find the National CNG gas station. From here you need to take left turn to approach the commercial market Rawalpindi. You will find a Tehzeeb Bakers and Shell Petrol pump on your way to commercial.

Things to keep in mind:

You should remember that are road of commercial is one way due to congestion of traffic. You need to enter into it from Makki Masjid or from the back side of the park which is the front of Shell Pump. After words you must exit from refreshment centre or from the main market out road.

Unfortunately this place does not have a proper or big parking place for vehicles. You need to find a proper and safe place to park your vehicles. At evening and on special occasion it gets huge crowd from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is a busy area of the city so please make sure that your parked vehicle does not disturb the traffic.

Police station of Satellite is also situated in the premises of commercial market Rawalpindi. If you need some assistance or get some trouble than feel free to visit it.

Bachon Ki Dunia (the children’s world):

“Bachon Ki Dunia” (the children’s world) is the name of park which is situated at this point. It is playing area with many attractions for children in it. It is divided into two parts. Eastern side is a park while Western side includes some installations for kids. It is another refreshing area of Rawalpindi city.

Educational institutes:

  • Grammar public school
  • Punjab group of colleges
  • Swedish institute of technology

Attractions of commercial market:

  • Makki Masjid (Mosque)
  • Bachoon Ki Dunia
  • Al-Jannat Mall
  • Pearl Cuisine
  • Cone corner
  • Bareeze Pakistan
  • KFC Pakistan
  • Metro Shoes, Stylo and Borjan
  • Refreshment centre
  • Chaman Ice-cream
  • Nadir marriage hall
  • Broadway Palao
  • Tehzeeb Bakers
  • Ufone franchise
  • Telenor franchise
  • Wi-tribe franchise
  • Many banks
  • Shopping malls
  • Sonex house

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