My city Khushab and hills of Soan Valley with latest pictures

Posted on Apr 23 2014 - 10:43am by visitpak


When someone comes to visit me, the first place I take them is to River Jhelum for boating and having fish. Spring is the best time to visit my city because the weather is pleasant and you can see greenery all over. You can see my city best from the hills of Soan Valley.

Locals of Khushab know to skip the old city and check out Soan Valley instead. In the past, notable people like Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, Sumera Malik and Wasif Ali Wasif have called my city home. If there’s one thing you should know about getting around my city, it’s the language (Punjabi).

The best place to spend time outdoors in Khushab is banks of River Jhelum and Soan Valley. Just outside my city, you can visit the Thal Desert, one of the biggest deserts in Pakistan.

To escape the crowds, I take a walk towards a famous shrine called Badshahan Wala Darbar; it’s a very calm and quiet place away from the localities. If my city were a celebrity it’d be Johnny Depp because it has got every colour and can surprise you and your expectations.

Dhodha of Khushab

The dish that represents Khushab best is Dhodha which is a similar sweet to Sohan Halwa but with unique taste. In the spring you should spend at least a weekend in the valley. In the summer you should go swimming at the tube wells which are very common here. When I think about my city, the song that comes to mind is My Heart Will Go On by Celine Deon.

In 140 characters or less, the world should heart my city because it has got everything you can think of, lush green fields to hills, deserts to rivers, the culture is very unique and still people are holding on to their roots, which is very rare to see these days.

The locals are very hospitable and loving. They’ll help you out in everything; they’ll cook for you, arrange accommodation for you, guide you and won’t charge you a single dime. In short, it’s a must visit city as it’s very close to Kallar Kahar which is another famous spot. But Khushab has got way more than Kallar Kahar to show you.