Chitral Pakistan is another beautiful place of North region

Posted on Mar 23 2013 - 9:02am by visitpak

The actual Valley regarding Chitral Pakistan, which can be found in the region of North Pakistan, is among the most significant locations in the world when it comes to your normal lovely attractiveness. Its picturesque mountain tops regarding Sulphur Arises, jungles Juniper, pleasant folks in addition to full of your renowned bass streams are actually intriguing.

The actual Chitral Valley can be surrounded with the mighty mountain tops of the cordillera Hindu Kush. This kind of pile range can be 322 km very long. The area language in the Chitral Valley can be Chitrali language. Together with that Pushto can be used somewhat. Urdu, your nation’s language regarding Pakistan, can be comprehended. The actual Kalash Kafir folks used their very own language referred to as Kalashi folks language. The actual Valley regarding Chitral Pakistan all wear “shalwar kameez, which can be your nation’s outfit regarding Pakistan. “Duppatas” is used by simply women in addition to shawls as well as “Shalwar kameez”. The most used head regarding Chitrali adult men outfit can be “Pakol” made of woll.

With winter season, your adult men wear baggy very long apparel along with very long fleshlight sleeves referred to as your “Shuqa”. These tiers are also available in made of woll. The original hobby regarding Chitral Pakistan can be Polo. Larger soil pole globe (Shandur Polo ground) can be present in this field, the place that the Shandur Polo festival takes place.

Chitral Valley can be easy to get at by simply air through the ancient location regarding Peshawar. A lot of the area paths are usually over pile passes. Northward Lowari complete prospects 365 km towards Peshawar. To help Eastern side, there exists a kilometer 405 (252 miles) regarding street in order to Gilgit 3719 l (12.201 ft) Shandur complete. As well as in the West, your Dorah complete has an extra method to Afghanistan.

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