Changa Manga an interesting place to visit near Lahore

Posted on Nov 20 2014 - 10:47am by visitpak

There are some excellent picnic spots around Lahore. For the lovers of trees and greenery there is Changa Manga Forest, about 80 km. from Lahore, towards Multan. This reserved forest is located in Tehsil Chunian and spread over an area of 12,139 acres. This is the biggest irrigated forest of Pakistan.

Plantation was started here in 1870 with Shisham (چھانگا مانگا) but Mulberry came in naturally and forms nearly 60 percent of trees. Plantation of Poplars has been introduced recently, and the results are exceedingly encouraging.

In the Changa Manga forest plantation is worked on a coppice with standard system that is through 15 years rotation and the yield, that is, logs and fuel is removed by means of a 16 gauge tramway and country carts to the railway station, also named as Changa Manga.

Shisham (شیشم) logs are forwarded to Lahore for manufacturing furniture, while Mulberry logs are in great demand by Sialkot firms for the manufacture of tennis-racquets etc. There is a network of roads and canals in the Changa Manga forest and an artificial small lake has also been created with suitable boating arrangements for the visitors. Rest houses have also been added for the benefit of tourists and excursionists. The area, however, needs more landscaping, introduction of wild life at larger scale and expansion of the lake; only then it would be able to attract good number of tourists.