Chali Rait Wala, Popcorn and Corn in Pakistan

Posted on Oct 19 2012 - 8:33am by visitpak

Popcorns are very famous around the world but in Pakistan the Corn is available in different style. Even in the Capital city of Pakistan one must heard the voice the corn hawker. “Chali Rait Wala” Sand’s Corn, these are the specific words to which everyone is familiar here. These corns are also very famous in Pakistan. It is a local crop of the country. Single plant of it carries 3 or 4 pieces. The crop of corn is cultivated to provide the food to the animals and especially for the buffalos.

Patisa (made with sugar) and fresh radish are few other famous things in Pakistan but boiled corn has its own fan club. The Pathan or Pashtun community is directly related with this business. After boiling the corns they put them in the warm sand. The leaves remain attached with it and also cover it completely.

The hawkers mobilize it in specially designed three wheelers cart in the streets and roads to sale out their product. Corn is provides you the nutrition and it is best source to kill your hunger. When you order for it, the hawker put it out from the sand and shakes it to clear the sand. Afterwards he removes its leaves and put some lemon and spice on it before passing you. It is called “Masala” in Urdu which is the combination of different local spices.

Its price is very economical and low, one could get it at the price of Rs. 10 in Pakistan. It could be found everywhere in Pakistan at the same price. It is nice experience to watch its preparation. A bag full of lemons could be seen with the “Masala” which he puts on the Corn. It is popular on both the high and low class citizens of Pakistan. Another word which is used of it in Urdu is “Sitta”. Whenever you hear the voice like “Chali Rait Wala” in Pakistan, do try it.

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