Beautiful Seaport of Gwadar in Balochistan

Posted on Oct 13 2012 - 7:40am by visitpak

A huge area of Pakistan touches the Arabian Sea at south. In the year 1958 Pakistan took the charge of this area. Currently only Karachi port is operational and meeting the demands of the country. To compete with the U.A.E and few other great ports of surrounding countries, Pakistan needed to establish a spectacular seaport. It was a very big project and the Government of Pakistan required a big investment for this purpose.

In the year 1958 Pakistan got the control of the area after a deal with the Oman. This deal was made after the payment of 3 million USD to the Oman. At that time it was just a small village and fishing was the only source of income for its residents. In the year 1993 the Government of that time decided to make it as a modern seaport. From the year 2009 it became operational but development in that area is still in process. The Makran Coastal Highway links this city with the big city of Karachi. Few other national highways were also developed in it for the easy access. M8 or motorway 8 is also constructed for the transportation.

A place near to Persian Gulf is known as seaport of Gwadar. It is a warm water and deep seaport. Its depth is 14 meters so it could bear the heavy ships easily. Now it is a well planned city like the Capital. Before the plan it was a desert and a sandy area. It is a part of Balochistan province and its population is not too much. This province of Pakistan is least populated area which contains the deserts and mountains.

In the year 2007 the Government of Pakistan gave its charge to a Singapore’s company (PSA port operations) for next 25 years. They also grant it as a free port zone for next 40 years. The geographical location of the Gwadar port is very important as it is situated between the important regions. It will play a major role in the economy of the Central Asia, Middle East or Gulf and South Asia. Soon it will become an economical hub for these regions.

In some agreements Pakistan also granted the China to supervise the developments over there. China is also investing allot of money in this project. China requires its outlet for the operations in the Arabian Sea. So this Gwadar port is an important point for this country too.

Seaport of Gwadar is a developing zone and it will take time for the completion. Gwadar development authority is working on many projects. The construction work is in process with a high speed. Roads are already completed for a better access of heavy machines.

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