Beautiful birds of the Islamabad

Posted on Sep 28 2012 - 7:19am by visitpak

Today we are going to share the most common birds which could be found in the Capital city of Pakistan. The “Crow” is the most seen and most heard birds in the Islamabad and their caws could be heard in every part of the city. The “Mena” is on the 2nd position, “Mena” normally build their nests in a low place like on the windows or doors etc.

These two birds exist everywhere, a large numbers are living in the whole Pakistan and especially in the Islamabad. All the other birds are seasonal which come and go in different times of the year. The other birds are wagtail, hopope and sparrows etc. Most birds of capital are typical Asian birds which could not be found in the Europe or USA.

Pigeon is another bird which is very common in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is a hobby of many peoples in Pakistan to breed the pigeons. It has a historical value and is continued from many centuries. In the past this bird was used to convey the messages for different regions and in the wars. It is known as the most faithful among all the birds. Few peoples are using it on the wrong way and play betting on its flight. This hobby is very popular in the India as well.

Now let us talk about the King of the Birds the “Falcon”. Normally it is a very rare bird which could be found on the hills or mountains. This bird is famous for its heights. It is one of the largest birds of the Islamabad. A large numbers live in the Margalla hills. Whenever they feel hunger they fly at a low altitude to make some food for them. Chickens and babies of other birds are their favourite. Many parts of the Capital city are no flying zone for the planes etc. so there is no risk of their high flying for anyone.

Birds of the Islamabad also are incomplete without the “Nightingale”. In Urdu is called as “Bulbul”. Bulbul is a very beautiful and attractive bird. Nightingale is blesses with a very soft and romantic voice. It seems that this bird is playing some songs which sound very great. This bird feels some shyness and one could not find it easily. They stay behind the leaves of the tree.

The Birds of the Islamabad do increase the beauty of the city and make attraction for the visitors. Because there is greenery everywhere so these birds stay happy and make beautiful voices for you. No doubts the birds have a special place in our lives and our day is incomplete without watching them. There are few markets and shops in the Islamabad where you can find many fancy birds. These markets and shop sale out these fancy bird on reasonable prices.

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