Basant Bahar festival is about to start in Changa Manga forest

Posted on Dec 16 2013 - 7:01am by visitpak

Basant Bahar is a famous cultural event of the Punjab province. It is celebrated on the both sides, the Punjab of Pakistan and Punjab of India. Basically Basant Bahar is a kite’s festival and huge number of peopled perform this activity on that day. In past this event was the key symbol of Lahore and Qasoor, but latter on it was banned by the officials.

There were few main reasons to ban it in Punjab and one of them were the “Chemical Door (wire)” and the “Copper Door (wire)”. Both of them are known as killer things in Punjab province of Pakistan because they took so many human lives. Due to that reason the Government of Punjab Pakistan put the ban on kite flying and on the Basant Bahar event. It was celebrated before the arrival of spring season. It is a traditional event of Punjab which is celebrated from the centuries in this part of the world.

After a long ban on Basant Bahar festival here is a good news for the citizens and the whole community, the Chief Minister of Punjab is going to start this event again in near future. This time this festival will not be celebrated on the roofs but in the forests of Changa Manga. It will be a two days festival under the supervision of Ministry of Tourism Punjab.

Basant Bahar festival will be celebrated on Saturday and Sunday. The provincial Government will provide a free shuttle service on this occasion from Lahore to Changa Manga forest. The Government will also put a reference in court to get some official orders from it. The Ministry of Tourism Punjab is still arranging some meetings with other departments to arrange this event.

In Lahore and Qasoor the Basant Bahar was a festival which was celebrated by all citizens including riches and the poor. There were two names (Qasoor and Changa Manga) were under consideration for this event but Changa Manga was finalized for this event.

Soon Government of Punjab will be planning for the National Sports Festival and the Basant Bahar festival. The dates for this event are not told yet but it will be published soon through print and electronic media so keep in touch with them.

In this event the Provincial Government will provide the kites and Door (wire). So all of that stuff will get approval and must have some official stamps on them.