Bakra Mandi or Kalma Chowk of Rawalpindi with details and surroundings

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Bakra Mandi (بکرا منڈی) is one of congested and busy point of the city Rawalpindi. Bakra Mandi is an Urdu word which means the Market of goats. Bakra stands for goat while the Mandi stands for market. Once upon a time it was a big market for goats and other Qurbani animals as the name suggests. You still could find a variety of goats and sheep in this market for Qurbani (قربانی) or Sadqa purposes.

Bakra Mandi Rawalpindi is an old place of the city and it is also known as the Qamar Shaheed Chowk (قمر شہید چوک) and the Kalma Chowk Rawalpindi (کلمہ چوک راولپنڈی). Recently it got its new name as Kalma Chowk but still most of the peoples call it with its old name Bakra Mandi Rawalpindi. Traffic signals were also installed here but right now the traffic officer operates the traffic manually.

It is a connecting point of the Dhoke Syedan Road (ڈھوک سیداں روڈ), Dhamial Road (دھمیال روڈ), Tali Mori Road (ٹالی موری روڈ) and the 22 no. Chungi Road. All these roads are very busy at day time and thousands of people use them to travel on regular basis. Dhamial Road leads you towards the Chakri village (چکری گاؤں) and the Motorway, Dhoke Syedan Road leads you towards the Dhoke Syedan Chowk and the Misriyal village, 22 number road takes you towards the Cantt and the Saddar areas while Tali Mori Road leads you towards the Lala Zar (لالہ زار) and New Lala Zar areas.

Come back to the Bakra Mandi Rawalpindi, it is a commercial area as well as the residential area. You could find big markets, hotels, bakeries, banks, photo shops, furniture market and goat’s market for sure. People do visit here on regular basis from near and far for the Qurbani animals and goats. This market remains open throughout the year. Due to lack of space the goats could be found only on the 22 number Chungi Road from this point. Harley Street could be seen on the way from this point to 22 Number Chowk.

Few CNG stations and a petrol pump are also situated on the premises of Bakra Mandi Rawalpindi. This place gets crowd on the Eid-ul-Adha or Qurbani Eid, because people from around the city and from Capital city approach this place for Qurbani animals. All types of Halal animals could be found here at that time of the year.

Important place of Bakra Mandi or Kalma Chowk:

  • Meezan Bank (میزان بنک)
  • Faisal Bank (فیصل بنک)
  • United Bank
  • Habib Bank (حبیب بنک)
  • Mezban Store (میزبان سٹور)
  • NADRA registration office
  • Rescue 1122 office
  • Dr. Adnan Aziz Clinic (ڈاکٹر عدنان عزیز کلینک)
  • Besto Bakery
  • Photo Studios
  • Warid franchise
  • Dhamial House (دھمیال ہاؤس)
  • Rajar House (راجڑ ہاؤس)


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