Bakra Mandi 2013 of 22 number, Tipu Road, Mall Road and Gora Qabristan

Posted on Oct 10 2013 - 11:29am by visitpak

The Station Commander of the Chaklala Cantonment Board has issued the permit and approved the animal market or Bakra Mandi 2013. This Bakra Mandi will be situated on the main roads of Gora Qabristan (Christen Graveyard), Tipu Road and the 22 number Chowk.

All these roads are situated in the centre of the city with an easy access from all sides. These are the surrounding roads of Combined Military Hospital (CMH Rawalpindi) and famous Harley Street of Rawalpindi.

On the other hands the animal market or Bakra Mandi of Tipu Road will be near to Sir Syed Chowk and Waqar ul Nisa College for Women. It is a congested area with huge amount of traffic and pedestrian.

All the above points are easily accessible for the citizens but we are so much afraid about the traffic situation and the lack of parking places. There is no ground or open place is available to accommodate the Qurbani animals. Market on the main roads could create so many problems for the general public and the traffic. As we all know the animals come here from the country side and they are not familiar with these vehicles and traffic so the noise and situation could even harm the animals.

These are not proper places for animal market and even not a fair deal with general public. The locals and daily road users could be affected with this decision; this situation could be seen until the 3rd and last day of Eid.

Another shocking point of these animal markets or Bakra Mandi 2013 is the auction rate, the Chaklala cantonment gave those markets away in just Rs. 500,000 on the other hand the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board did not find any buyer for their Cow Markets.

On the other hands a huge number of countrymen approached the Cow Market of Dhoke Syedan’s ground with thousands of animals with them but they also got the shock when the management did not allowed them for it.

The High Court of Rawalpindi has banned this market in recent times so no one is allowed to keep or sale animals at this point. The Bakra Mandi of cant area will be held on old GTS terminal situated on the main Mall Road while the other one will be on Bhata Chowk near Dhoke Gujran Rawalpindi. Both these markets are working under the supervision of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board.

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