Ancient universities and colleges of Pakistan

Posted on Nov 23 2012 - 7:08am by visitpak

There is a university on one thousand rupee currency note of Pakistan. It is Islamia University of Peshawar. It is one of those Ancient universities which were built under the supervision of British rulers. British founded countless educations institutes (college and universities) in the subcontinent. Under this post you will find most of them. Few famous British residencies were also transformed into some colleges and universities later on.

Islamia University Peshawar, Government college Lahore, Edwards College Peshawar and Government college Faisalabad are very famous in Pakistan. There are dozens more which are transformed into school, college and university in India and Pakistan. Most of these universities are English medium but few of them are offering the study in Arabic and Urdu language like Islamia University Peshawar. A large number of professionals pass out from them in every year. These school, colleges and Ancient universities are playing a positive role to build a better and educated nation.

In the past time the studies in these places were very costly that even middle class could not afford it but now everyone could get the admission. In past only marajs and nawabs could afford to enter in these institutes. Hutchison College of Lahore is living example of it which is National Academy of the Arts in now days. After the independence the British went back to their country and left these places for the concerning Governments. Both the Indian and Pakistani Government used these places according to their policies, some were transformed and some were not. Both gave much importance to the Education sector and made few colleges and universities in those British buildings.

Visiting and studying in those types of institutes are really charming. One feels extra ordinary after entering to those places. These institutes are serving the nations from the generations and played a very major role in the development of Pakistan and India. Whenever you get chance to visit to these Ancient universities and explore their beauty.

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