Airtel series 2012 Pak vs. India 1st T-20 match is just few hours away

Posted on Dec 25 2012 - 8:06am by visitpak

M. Chana Sawami Stadium of the Bangalore is ready to host the first T-20 match between the India and Pakistan. This will be a day and night T-20 match of Pak vs. India. It shall be start at the 6:30 pm (Pakistani time). Muhammad Hafeez will lead the Pakistani falcons while Mahinder Singh dhoni will lead the Indian team.

Interesting thing of Pak vs. India T-20 matches are this, both the team played just 3 matches against each other. All these matches were the part of world cup events. This one is the first ever series between them. Indian team is unbeatable yet in this format against Pakistan. In last 3 matches India got victory in two matches while one went draw. In the year 2007 these teams faced each other in the world cup even which was occurred in the South Africa. That match went tie and both the team qualified for the final of this series. In the final match India beat Pakistan and won the world cup. Pakistan lost that match for just 5 runs.

In the year 2012 both the team met with each other in the world cup. Indian team was victorious again with the 8 wickets. The last match of this tour will be played on the 28th of December 2013 in the historical city of Ahmed Abad (India). After Pak vs. India T-20 series, 3 one day matches will be played.

The schedule of this Airtel one day series 2012 is as under:

  1. 30th December, 2012 in the city of Chennai
  2. 3rd January, 2013 in the city of Kolkata
  3. 6th January, 2013 in the city of Delhi

All these matches of Airtel series 2012 will be played under the artificial lights and their tickets are available for sale from Pakistan Cricket Board and Indian Cricket Council.

india vs pakistan the airtel series

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