Actress sent to jail for insulting the national flag

Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 2:14pm by visitpak

Actress did illegal act with flag:

Safinaz is the most searched girl of Egypt on Google and she belongs to Armenia. According to an Arab website a brand new video of Safinaz was published on social media in which she did a shameful act. In that video she was dancing in the dress which matched with the Egyptian national flag.

The dress which was wearing was the same color of Egyptian flag and the sequence of the red, white and black was also match with it. For doing this act she was caught by the local police. According to local police she was found to insulting national flag. However she was released on bail afterword but keep remember that according to Egyptian laws there is 1 year of imprisonment and 4 thousand Dollars fine amount, if it’s proved that someone insulted the national flag.

The safinaz-belly-dancer