14 August independence day celebration in Pakistan

Posted on Oct 15 2012 - 8:46am by visitpak

14 August is the independence day of Pakistan. On this date all Pakistan is filled by the green and white flags of the country. 14 August, 1947 was the day when this land separated from the India. It is the most important day for the whole nation and for the Government.

Whole nation and all communities celebrate this great day with great enthusiasm. The celebration get started as the clock passed the 11:59 pm. From midnight to the next evening these celebrations remain continue. The nationalism touches on its higher level on this day and everybody stands together.

The day started with the gun’s fires at early morning. In the morning prayers everybody pray for the progress and prosperity of the country. Changing of guards and guard of honor is presented on the tombs of Quid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. Most of the peoples carry the flag badges and other great leaders of the freedom moment. The badges of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal are most famous among others. Different schools, colleges and companies arrange the seminars to remember and appreciate the efforts of the freedom fighters. All the major buildings and official building are decorated with the lights and lasers. It is a very special day among the children because it is national holiday. Children put little paper flags on their streets and homes to celebrate this day of 14 August. On the other hands elders put big flags on the roof of their homes and on the vehicles and motor bikes. A great gesture could be seen on the day of freedom in Pakistan.

Young girls and boys participate in the celebration by wearing green color clothes and t-shirts. Most of the peoples pin up different types of badges on their chest. Due to national holiday a large number of peoples catch the direction towards the nearest picnic spot and all gardens and park get a huge crowd. Road rush at the evening is indescribable.

Everybody has its own celebration style but now we are going to tell you a dangerous thing. In Pakistan few young boys celebrate 14 August in a very dangerous way. Racing and one wheeling is reported on this event and every year many young ones die due to this factor. They do not know that freedom is the meaning of freedom of expressions not the freedom of illegal activities. A huge numbers of bikers put the silencers off from their motor bikes and generate the unbearable noises. The parents and other law enforcement authorities need to be very strict on this issue. Whole Pakistani national celebrate this day with excitement and keen interest.

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